Brandedmanstore (BMS) is new e-commerce that was establised in late 2017. To grow their sales, they need marketing tools to increase brand awareness and generate leads. One of their strategy is using the “0.2 cents strategy” by Gary Vee, they reach out to us to help them automate the strategy.

+ Challenge

Unfortunately, Instagram deprecated their API so we need another way of getting access into the platform. The 0.2 cents strategy works by liking, commenting and following real account that post in some hashtag or location, so the goal is to create instagram automation that can do that. The automation also needs to be able to run automatically every single day at specified time.

+ Process

We found out the solution is to crawl the Instagram web, to avoid Instagram malicious detector we set up some delay in every action that our automation do.

We use puppeteer as our headless browser and run it on our server 24 x 7. Before interact with other account, our automation look up their profile such as number of post, followers and following and if their profile looks real our automation continue to interact with that account.

For scheduling, we use cron job to trigger our automation to run at specified time when most people actively using their Instagram.

+ Result

On weekly basis, our instagram automation help BMS get 350+ followers, 4k+ reach, 60k+ impressions and 5k+ profile visit. BMS team was satisfied with the result and already planned future another project with us.