Do you know that by using solar panel you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 75%? Amazing right! The problem is most people didn’t know that they can save a lot of money when using solar panel, that’s where Energihub comes in. Energihub is startup that connect home or business owner with solar installer, giving transparency and efficiency for both sides.

Energihub needs dedicated team of engineer to help them solve the problem they face and they choose Evius Industri to help them redesign their website and future maintenance for their digital products.

+ Challenge

Energihub wants to show how much their customers can save their money when using solar panel and not only home or business owner need to use solar panel but everyone, including public services and agricultural industry need to use solar panel.

+ Process

Prototyping and UI/UX Redesign

Energihub old website didn’t have design consistency, for example their section margin is not well defined and their typography does not use scaling system.

We revamp their old website with new illustrations and icons to create modern feel that match their brand.

We use new technology for their website, VueJS with Server-Side Rendering enabled for better SEO without sacrificing the speed of Single-Page Application and component-based frontend development for consistency and maintainability.


Energihub old solar calculator didn’t give good experience for their customers, just plain text without styling. We rebuilt their solar calculator with complete input that match the customers need and visualize their saving using chart.

Energihub’s customers mainly are non-technical people that are not familiar with current technology, so we need to find some way to reduce the technological gap. Our solution is to remove the login feature, customers can order solar panel through Energihub website and to access their order status, they simply click the randomly generated link that are sent to their email/SMS, no login needed.

+ Result

Energihub’s team are excited to work with us. We help them from product design to marketing strategy using google analytics and facebook pixel. We are so happy to be part of their team, we still in a long journey to popularize the renewable energy. You can check their website on energihub.id.