Meshmaker is a startup idea to accomodate the creative nerds to help them get their 3D design comes to life. The marketplace where people can buy/sell their 3D design and print it for them in easy way.

+ Challenge

The customer should be able to upload their 3D file and the system will calculate the price based on their specification such as the size and material used. At that time, there are no usable API to calculate 3D file price point, so we need to built our own 3D price calculator API.

We also need to automatically calculate the shipping price from meshmaker HQ to users home. Last thing to create dashboard that can render the 3D file and track all the order that the users have made.

+ Process

We to built the system from ground up. We architect the whole system using state-of-the-art Javascript technologies and API-first approach. We use Express as our backend and React in our frontend.

To calculate the price, we need to find out the weight of the 3D model, we use slic3r an open-source 3D slicing engine that can calculate the weight. We integrate our backend with the 3D slicing engine by creating queue mechanism.To calculate the shipping price, we use API from rajaongkir that already integrate with country’s mostly used shipping company such as JNE, POS, TIKI, etc.

For the frontend, we render the 3D file on the dashboard using react-stl-viewer that use D3.js to visualize the 3D file. We do some modification on the library to let it update the color of model on the fly.

+ Result

Meshmaker was happy with the system and our deliverable time. We built it the system in 1 month and help them enter the market faster to accomodate the creative nerds.