As a coffee shop, Opposite Coffee needs a way to show their online presence. Yes, they already use social media but that's not enough. They want to share their story and start selling their beans online, they want beautiful website that represent their philosophy and their brand.

+ Challenge

Crafting beautiful website that align with their brand and their story was the challenge. We have to do in-depth discussion with Opposite Coffee's team about their philosophy and their vision to extract the idea and put it into the web.

+ Process

After series of discussion, we finally able to sketch out their website. First things first, we design using low fidelity for faster prototyping and get feedback from customer as soon as possible.

After doing minor revision with our low fidelity design and approved by client, we start coloring it to match Opposite Coffee brand.

It took us a week to finish the design process and got approved by client. We build the website using VueJS with our custom content management system (CMS). We put smooth transition for their website and a cool loading indicator.

+ Result

The result was stunning website that match their brand. Opposite Coffee team is proud of their new website. They can tell their story, their brewing guides and even sell their beans online. You visit their website on https://www.oppositecoffee.com/